You can send us your claim in one of three ways.

  • Email your claims to
  • Post your claims to Bonitas Claims Department, PO Box 74, Vereeniging, 1930.
  • Submit your claims in person at one of our walk-in centres.
Get your claims paid quickly and easily by following these simple steps.
1. Ensure your banking details are correct

We pay claims refunds by electronic transfer (EFT) into your bank account. Please call us on 0860 002 108 if you need to update your banking details.

2. Check your account and receipt

To allow us to process your claim quickly and efficiently, please make sure that your account and receipt show the following:

  • Your name and initials
  • Your membership number
  • The treatment date
  • The name of the patient as shown on your membership card
  • The amount charged
  • The tariff
  • The ICD-10 code

Please check that prescriptions for medicine show all the details above as well as the correct amount of medicine dispensed. If the pharmacy excludes any of these details, we will not be able to process your claim.

3. Check that your claim has been paid

We pay claims weekly. Every month, you will receive a statement showing your claims and available benefits. You can also log in to the Member Zone to view the status of your claims.