We offer a range of Managed Care Programmes to support our members and help put them on the path to good health. These cover a range of concerns including chronic medicine and diabetes to help you get the best possible care and make your benefits last.

Audiology Benefit Management (ABM) Programme

Hearing loss is more common than you think, and this chronic condition significantly impacts the physical and mental health of people if left untreated. The good news however is with the right treatment plan and quality hearing aid device, individuals can live a healthy and engaged life.

You can know your hearing status within 2 minutes using our innovative Digital Hearing Screener available on our website. We are also proud to introduce ‘Audiology Anywhere’ – an industry first – which offers audiology mobile services, including diagnostic evaluations and hearing aid fittings at your doorstep.

The ABM Programme is managed by hearConnect. To find out more, call them on 010 880 6414, WhatsApp them on 064 760 6262, send an email to or go to their website at

Disease management

Available through Integrated Care, these care programmes support you through your prescribed treatment to make sure you are getting the best care and doing what you can to get better. A team of health coaches help you to identify the areas you need to improve on, offers you advice on your condition and work together with your doctor to give you the best support possible.

Back and Neck Programme

Back and neck pain is the most common form of pain- often with no treatment options.
The back and neck programme helps you manage severe back and neck pain by offering a personalised treatment plan for up to 6 weeks.

Various treatment options are available according to the scheme option selected:

  • e-DBC, which refers to the DBC health application, is available on all options.
  • DBC Physio is available on the BonFit Select, BonSave, Primary and Primary Select options.
  • Treatment at a DBC Centre of Excellence and/or a DBC Physio is available on the BonComplete, BonClassic, BonComprehensive, Standard and Standard Select options.

The programme is highly effective and low risk, with an excellent success rate. Bonitas covers the full cost of the programme so it will not impact your savings or day-to-day benefits.

Please call us on 0860 105 104 to be referred to your nearest centre. You will need to complete an assessment to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the programme.

Oncology Management Programme

Being diagnosed with cancer can be devastating. The Oncology Management Programme offers members diagnosed with cancer emotional support and manages your oncology benefits on your behalf. The cancer programme puts you first and delivers cost-effective care of the highest quality. We liaise with your doctor on your treatment plan to ensure that it is the most clinically appropriate plan to meet your specific needs. We then match the treatment plan to your benefits to ensure you have the cover you need and can focus on getting better. In addition, Bonitas has partnered with the South African Oncology Consortium (SAOC) which includes a provider network of oncology specialists who are committed to delivering affordable cancer care treatment options. From an emotional perspective, you and your loved ones have access to a social worker to support you through this trying time.

Call us 0860 100 572 or email to register on the programme

Chronic Medicine Management

This care programme ensures that you are covered for the chronic treatment for a list of chronic diseases. It allows you to update your chronic medication quickly and easily. We work together with the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the availability of medicines at the regulated price, negotiate dispensing fees and keep track of new medicines. This is all done in an effort to ensure that you aren’t paying too much for your medicine. We can also arrange to have your chronic medicine delivered directly to your doorstep, through Pharmacy Direct, our contracted courier pharmacy.

Dental Wellness Programme

All Bonitas members are automatically added to the dental wellness programme offered by DENIS. The programme sends you emails related to your specific dental concerns as well as tips and advice to keep your mouth healthy.

Visit for more information.

Diabetes Management Programme

The Bonitas Diabetes Management programme helps members with diabetes better understand this long-term condition and empowers them to make the right decisions to stay healthy. As most diabetics have at least one other chronic condition, the programme offers a personalised care plan to ensure that your specific needs are taken into account. The care plan will provide cover for the tests required for the management of diabetes as well as your other chronic conditions. It offers access to specialised diabetes doctors, dieticians, podiatrists and diabetic educators to allow you to effectively manage your diabetes. In addition, you will have access to a dedicated Health Coach to answer any questions you may have.

Call us 0860 002 108 or send an email to to register on this programme.

Hip and Knee Replacement Programme

This care programme specialises in performing hip and knee replacements through Improved Clinical Pathway Services (ICPS) and JointCare. It is based on the latest international standardised clinical care pathways to ensure you get the best possible care. The programme uses a multidisciplinary team, dedicated to assist with rapid and successful recovery to keep you as comfortable as possible during the healing period.

Please visit or to learn more about the programme.

HIV/AIDS Programme

The HIV/AIDS programme caters to the needs of members with HIV/AIDS and provides them with appropriate treatment and tools to live a normal life. The care programme allows you to stretch your benefits as far as possible and helps you manage your condition in the most clinically-proven way while offering you the emotional support you need.

It covers:

  • Medicine to treat HIV (including drugs to prevent mother-to-child transmission and infection after a sexual assault or needle-stick injury)
  • Treatment and prevention opportunistic infections such as pneumonia, TB and flu
  • Regular bloods tests to monitor disease progression, response to therapy and to detect possible side-effects of treatment
  • HIV-related consultations to visit your doctor to monitor your clinical status
  • Ongoing patient support via a team of trained and experienced counsellors
  • Clinical guidelines and telephonic support from doctors
  • Help in finding a registered counsellor for face-to-face emotional support

Call us on 0860 100 646 or email to request an application form to join the programme.

Mental Health Programme

If you suffer from a mental health condition like depression or anxiety, you may qualify to join the Bonitas Mental Health Programme.This programme aims to improve your quality of life and empowers you to manage your condition more effectively. Once you've enrolled on the programme, a dedicated Care Manager will be assigned to you to assist you. Your Care Manager will collaborate with your doctor or therapist as needed, to ensure you get the support you need.

To find out more about this programme, call us on 0860 106 155 or send an email to