Stretch your benefits as far as possible


To get the most value from your medical aid, follow these tips:

Use network GPs and specialists

We negotiate special rates with these doctors to ensure you get quality care at lower rates. This helps avoid paying co-payments and helps stretch your savings and day-to-day benefits.

Make use of our preferred providers

Using preferred providers and Designated Service Providers (DSPs) will help you avoid co-payments and give more value for money.

Boost your benefits

Unlock the Benefit Booster by completing an online wellness assessment and get access to additional day-to-day benefits. You can use this for all out-of-hospital claims including acute medicine, GP consultations and non-surgical procedures such as wart removal.

Ask your pharmacist

Pharmacists can provide sound medical advice for problems such as rashes, colds or illnesses that are not severe. Buy over-the-counter medication or treat less serious ailments yourself, with their help and advice to reduce your costs.

Get with the programme

Our Managed Care programmes are available to help members manage serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

Look out for benefits that are paid from risk

These benefits are in addition to your other benefits. They give you more value for money, without using your savings or day-to-day benefits. We pay for maternity consultations, wellness benefits, preventative care benefits and dentistry from risk on most plans.

Manage your chronic medicine correctly

The golden rule for chronic illness benefits, is to try to use the medication on your plan's formulary and to obtain this from a network pharmacy or a Designated Service Provider. This helps keep costs down and avoid co-payments.

Get a specialist referral

Make sure you have a referral from your GP to visit a specialist. You may visit a gynaecologist twice a year, an ophthalmologist or oncologist once a year without a referral.

Don't forget to pre-authorise

Pre-authorisation is required for all hospital admissions to ensure your stay will be covered. Always ask if there are any co-payments or sub-limits that will apply and what you can do to avoid these. Call 0860 002 108 or email to get a pre-authorisation number.

In an emergency, contact Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance is our contracted provider for medical emergencies. In an emergency, please call 0860 555 505