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    Bonitas Maternity and Child Care Benefit

    Give your loved ones the best possible start with our baby and child care benefits. This includes rich maternity cover, additional benefits for paediatric consultations, access to our 24/7 baby advice line, Babyline and a beautiful baby bag for expectant mothers.

    Maternity Benefit

    Having children is expensive. That’s why we pay for your maternity benefits in addition to your savings and day-to-day benefits so you can focus on the things that really matter.

    We cover the following:

    • Private Room
    • Antenatal Consultations
    • 2D ultrasound scans
    • Postnatal consultations
    • Antenatal classes with a midwife
    • Amniocentesis
    • Newborn hearing screening (In or out of hospital)
    • Congenital hypothyroidism screening for children under 1-month-old
    • Baby bag
    • Childhood Immunisations

    The availability of the benefits above depends on the plan you have chosen. Your delivery will be covered by your hospital benefit.

    Remember to pre-authorise your hospital stay


    Call 0860 002 108 or email hospital@bonitas.co.za to pre-authorise your hospital stay for the delivery of your baby. You will also need the authorisation number to register for your baby bag.

    To obtain the authorisation number, you need to provide us with the following information:

    • Membership number
    • Name and surname
    • Date of expected delivery
    • Type of delivery
    • Procedure and ICD-10 codes
    • Name and practice numbers of the hospital and your treating doctor/s

    Bonitas Baby Bag

    We give all pregnant members a beautiful baby bag packed, filled with a range of useful goodies you’ll need once your baby arrives. It’s our way of saying congratulations! All members who are at least 24 weeks pregnant may register for the Bonitas baby bag, after obtaining pre-authorisation. Simply call Babyline on 0860 999 121 to register for your baby bag.

    You will need to have the following information available when you call:

    • Your membership number
    • Your authorisation number for your hospital stay
    • Contact details and preferred delivery address.

    When will I receive my baby bag?


    Once you have registered for the baby bag, your details will be shared with our courier company. They will then contact you within four weeks to arrange a suitable time and date for delivery. Your bag will be delivered on the agreed date and time of delivery. If the courier company cannot get hold of you or you are not available when the baby bag is delivered this may lead to a delay.

    What does the baby bag contain?


    The baby bag is packed with goodies for you and your newborn. This may include nappies, baby wipes, a blanket or toy, bath products, toiletries and other items. Please note we cannot guarantee the content of the bag as this may vary based on availability.

    How do I ensure my baby’s medical needs will be covered?


    Once your baby is born, register them on your plan as a dependant within 30 days of birth to ensure they will be covered. You can call 0860 002 108 to register your baby on Bonitas. Should you need any medical advice related to your baby, you can call Babyline on 0860 999 121 to speak to a healthcare professional.


    Babyline is the first dedicated children’s health advice line in South Africa. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service is run by paediatric trained nurses who assist with any queries related to your little one’s health and wellness. The benefit is available on all Bonitas plans, for children under 3 years.

    It provides the following services:


    • Home care advice
    • Clinic/Primary Care/GP referral for the same day
    • Clinic/Primary Care/GP referral for the next day
    • After-hours care within the next six hours
    • Immediate referral to Emergency Room

    Simply call 0860 999 121 and you will be put through to a paediatric trained registered nurse. Please have your Bonitas membership number on hand when you call. The nurse will ask a series of questions depending on the concern raised by the parent/caregiver. Thereafter, the parent/caregiver will be given professional advice on what to do next and whether the symptoms are urgent enough to visit the Emergency Room, their doctor or specialist. If necessary, the nurse will advise on the most appropriate healthcare provider to see the child.

    Child Care Benefit

    But we don’t stop there, we also help you keep your children healthy too. We offer a separate benefit for consultations with a paediatrician for children under 2 as well as additional GP consultations for children under 12.

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