Medical schemes are non-profit organisations. This means any money we save is for the benefit of our members. The more we can save, the more we can keep costs down as well as increase the value of your benefits.

While we might not run for commercial profit, all our financial ducks still have to be very much in a row, including our financial reserves.  The good news is we have more than enough in reserves – over R4 billion, in fact.  So we are absolutely confident that we can not only pay your claims but provide you with the best possible bang for your buck.

As an added bonus, our financial indicators are well above industry average and include low expense ratios, allowing us to provide you with quality healthcare and benefits.

Please note: these figures are based on the approved 2018 Financial Statements.

Annual Reports

Bonitas is batting for you, our members.  One of the ways we do this is by ensuring we sustain our financial soundness and solvency levels.  We make sure our key financial indicators, demographics, and expense ratios are higher than the industry average.

The latest Annual Highlights Report is available for you to look at and you will see, amongst other things that our reserves are over R4 billion. Think of it as a comfort zone enabling us to really able to look after you and pay your claims.

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