Introducing the Bonitas Diabetes Management Programme

From 1 May 2017, the Bonitas Diabetes Management Programme will replace the services previously offered by the CDE. The new programme addresses all medical needs with holistic quality care for patients with diabetes. The programme aims to help members better understand this long-term condition and to empower them to make the decisions that will keep them healthy.

It offers the following benefits

  • Access to Bonitas’ extensive family practitioner and specialist networks – with healthcare practitioners available throughout the country
  • A Health Coach to answer questions and provide guidance to help you make the right decisions
  • A personalised care plan
  • Funding for an extensive list of authorised chronic medicines and those tests required for the management of diabetes
  • Blood laboratory tests paid from risk and not day-to-day benefits
  • Access to the services of dieticians, podiatrists and diabetic educators
  • Information on how doctors can use a Care Plan to monitor and manage members health
  • Assistance with any queries related to your chronic condition
  • Online assistance through YourHealth Portal


Bonitas diabetics will have access to a personalised care plan that provides cover for the tests required for the management of diabetes. This takes into account your individual needs and other chronic conditions.